How It Works

KWIKWICK technology is a technology innovated by Beta Textiles Co., Limited.

Two types of finishing – one hydrophilic & one hydrophobic, are applied on the inside and outside of the fabric respectively.

With KWIKWICK technology, sweat does not diffuse inside the fabric, but it is transferred from fabric inside to outside and then evaporates quickly. As a result, the fabric will not stick to the skin of the wearer. The fabric such treated will make the wearer feels dry, cool and comfort.

Further, as the outside is hydrophobic, the fabric will not absorb moisture from the atmosphere . The wearer will maintain a dry feel even in humid weather.



With the Oriented Moisture Transfer Technology, sweat can be transferred from the fabric inside to outside quickly.

Sweat evaporation is improved to make the wearer feel dry, cool and comfortable.




  1. Absolutely dry inside;
  2. Very swift moisture transport to fabric outside. Sweat is diffused and evaporates quickly;
  3. Soft hand feel;
  4. Sweat is transported only from inside to outside, not from outside to inside